Secure payment

Our payment security policy

Your purchases from our online store are completely secure. Thanks to the SSL protocol, we have no knowledge of your bank details, which are transmitted in an encrypted format. No credit card information is stored, only an encrypted validation of the transaction is transmitted to us by the bank server. 

Transactions made by credit card on the website are secured by the 3D Secure payment system. It allows the holder of a French Visa or Mastercard bank card to be authenticated during the transaction. 

During the transaction, once you’ve entered your information (card number, expiry date and visual cryptogram), a window from your bank will appear asking for authentication. Depending on the bank, the code requested will not be the same one (code supplied by the bank, code to be created when making your first purchase on a site using 3D Secure). 

We accept Visa, Eurocard and Mastercard bank cards.
You can also pay for your purchases with PayPal.